Hey Love,


Almost 3 years ago, I decided to follow my passion in makeup. I took the necessary steps to  become a student of the beauty industry. In my early stages. I mostly dabbled in makeup here and there, but I became serious about my commitment in my later years of high school after being inspired by one of my favorite makeup based cosmetologists. Since then, I've only made promising progress whilst achieving milestones becoming a certified esthetician who specializes in makeup, slaying the faces of locals and nothing less than professional runway models, and being a student of a professional makeup master certification course.


MY Mission

I plan to become a highly respected Makeup Artist in my local, state wide, and nation wide beauty industry. Expanding my skills set, experience, and knowledge are all necessary to do so, therefore, I will always have an open mind to feedback and great ideas. Truthfully, my work never has and never will feel complete until my client is 100% satisfied. Until you feel and look as beautiful as you really are, I will endlessly work to prefect each and every look.

MY Vision

I wish to see the MGA brand expand each day until it becomes successful and valued enough to be talked highly about from the best of the best in the industry. Also I want to become an individual icon for people who were once passionate and dabbling in something as rewarding and expressive as beautiful, artsy, satisfying makeup.