Welcome to MG Torials! This program was made with intention of expanding the technique of all you aspiring and current MUAs who wish to level up your technique to add to your arsenal of makeup skills, all whilst being in the comfort of your own home.


I intend for these tutorials to expand to very versatile and all thoroughly explained lessons so that  after you watch and practice, you will be able to perform everything you learn from natural glows to enhanced glams!




Who doesn't love a soft glowy look?! Think of this look similarly to what you would think of a T-shirt; extremely versatile with no limits on how it can be worn. Tune into this tutorial to learn one of your potential go to makeup routines, whether you're going for something neutral and monochromatic, or something with a pop of color!




If you haven't noticed one of my favorite eye makeup styles yet, let me say that one of them is most definitely Smokey eyes.  This look that I like to call 'Soft Smoke' is the perfect example of what I love to add to soft glams that are in my opinion very quick and easy to learn. If you are taking the first step into eye makeup looks, I strongly suggest starting off with nice and simple glams like these !




Here's a look that I like to call ''Wing It''. A natural tone cut crease winged out look with a black wing to add some flavor! Tune into this lesson to learn how to create this look so you  can always keep your natural glows SNATCHED! Let's get to glammin'! 




Who doesn't  love cut creases? ....These are typically one of the most difficult eye looks to perfect. Whether it's making sure its as sharp as possible, or even matching it according to the eye. This tutorial will show you how I created this gorgeous and vibrant cut crease look and very handy tips on how you can perfect it for yourself along with an enhanced glow with all product descriptions and details.




I call this look ''Smoked Out''. Smokey eyes are typically a shy away style, but hear me when I say, these looks can be as FIERCE as they are bold! This tutorial will show you how I create this look from beginning to end! Thoroughly explained along with full product descriptions! So let's take out your makeup kit or your pen and pad and let's get to learning!